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Top up SIP Calculator

Top-Up Sip Calculator

Top Up Sip Calculator
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Top-up SIP Calculator

What is a Top-up SIP calculator?

A Top-up SIP calculator is an online calculation tool that enables investors to determine the potential returns they could earn by topping up their SIP on a regular basis. It offers a comprehensive idea of the total amount to be invested and the estimated profits during the tenure.

It’s essential to understand that a top-up SIP is an advanced version of a traditional SIP; it allows investors to increase their investment on a regular interval - typically annually. However, you can increase the amount monthly, quarterly and half yearly as well. This feature caters specifically to those whose income grows annually and who wish to add more to their investment continually.

A Top-up SIP calculator plays a key role in approximating the amount to be invested every year under a top-up SIP, including the increased amount per year. By addressing the incremental amount, year of increase and interest rate, it provides an estimated value of the final amount at the end of the investment period.

On the basis of the above inputs, the Top-up SIP calculator gives you the result in a matter of seconds. Calculating the return on Top-up SIP investments is a tedious process as you are investing a sum of money at regular intervals over a stipulated time period and increasing the amount at regular intervals. The online Top-up SIP calculator simplifies the process.

How Top-up SIP works

Firstly, it considers the monthly investment amount, which pertains to the sum you plan to invest in a mutual fund on a monthly basis. Secondly, it considers the Expected Growth Rate or the yield percentage you hope to reap from your mutual fund investments. The calculator also requires the Investment Duration - which is the time period you aim to invest in the selected mutual fund scheme. Finally, it looks at the Top-up, which is the regular percentage increment of your SIP investment’s value for the complete investment duration.

To elaborate, if you choose a Top-up of 10%, it signifies an annual surge of 10% in your SIP investment over the full period of your investment. In simpler terms, if you have a single SIP of Rs 10,000, the SIP value will rise to Rs 11,000 (10000 + 10% of 10000) in the second year of your investment. As the Top-up continues, by the third year your monthly SIP will further increase to Rs 12,100 (11000 + 10% of 11000).

The Top-up SIP calculator is a beneficial tool that aids in foreseeing returns based on your investments, expected growth, the period of investment and step-up percentage. This helps to understand the financial journey over the years and can provide guidance for making informed investment decisions. Remember, the key to fruitful investments often lies in careful planning and accurate predictions.

What are the advantages of investing through Top-up SIP?

To accelerate wealth creation, investors can consider adopting a top-up SIP. This particular form of investment holds several advantages that can potentially increase the yield of your long-term wealth.

In general, a top-up SIP allows investors to increase the SIP amount periodically, usually every year, by a fixed amount. Here are some of the key benefits of investing via a top-up SIP.

Hedge against inflation: It helps in hedging against inflation. As the cost of living rises over time due to inflation, the value of money decreases. By increasing your investment amount periodically through a top-up SIP, you can maintain your purchasing power and beat inflation effectively.

Large corpus accumulation: Secondly, a top-up SIP enables you to accumulate a larger corpus over the long run without feeling the financial burden. Traditional SIPs are fixed in nature, meaning you continue to invest the same amount throughout the SIP tenure. However, with a top-up SIP, you can gradually increase your investment as your income rises. This way, you are letting your investment grow parallel to your income growth, hence paving the way for large corpus accumulation.

Amplified rupee cost averaging benefit: The benefit of rupee cost averaging is amplified in a top-up SIP. By investing a fixed sum of money regularly over a period of time, you can average out the cost of investment over market cycles. When you top- up your SIP amount, the units bought in the downturn will be more, thus lowering your average cost.

Progressive goal achievement is quick: A top-up SIP can help you reach your financial goals faster. By incrementally elevating your investment, you accelerate the wealth creation process, helping you to realise your financial objectives more swiftly.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Top-up SIP facility?
Top-up SIP is an investment tool that offers SIP-registered investors the option to increase the amount of their existing SIP investments by a predetermined amount at certain intervals. This increment in the SIP investment amount is fixed and doesn't change, ensuring a systematic and disciplined approach towards investing.
Can an investor modify a Top-up SIP facility that is already available?
You cannot modify it once you opt for the frequency and Top-up incremental percentage. In order to modify the Top-up facility, you will have to cancel the existing SIP and enrol for a fresh SIP with the Top-up option.
How to invest in Top-up SIP?
You can enrol for the top-up facility by applying for SIP through a specially designed form or mobile app. You need to select your preference for the amount and frequency of top–up while enrolling for SIP.
Which schemes are available under the SIP with Top-up Facility?
You can usually avail of the Top-up facility with all schemes offering SIP facility.
What is the amount that can be topped up?
The Top-up amount starts with a minimum of Rs 500 and in multiples of Rs 500. However, the incremental is done on a percentage basis.
Can you Top-up an existing SIP?
Investors wishing to top-up their existing SIP need to apply for the SIP with a top-up facility and auto-debit feature set-up. This can be done at the time of starting the SIP or anytime during the SIP tenure. Investors need to ensure that details such as the scheme/plan, SIP start date, duration and frequency are accurately provided.