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Nifty Auto
Nifty Auto

Nifty Auto (CNXAUTO)

Dec 15, 2023 09:24 IST-
12.70 (0.07%)
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18051.25 Low
Today’s Performance
18179.35 High
11901.85 Low
52 Week’s Performance
18179.35 High


Advances means the number of stocks closing at a higher price than the previous day’s close and Declines is the number of stocks closing at a lower price than the previous day’s close
Nifty Auto 18,057.75 (0.07%)
Dec 15, 2023 09:24 IST -
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What was Nifty Auto share price previously?
Nifty Auto share price was up by 0.07% from the previous closing price of 18,045.05.
What has been 52-week high of Nifty Auto stocks?
The highest price of Nifty Auto stock is 18,077.00 in the last 52-week.

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