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Navneet Munot, MD & CEO of HDFC Asset Management and AMFI Chairman
Updated : Dec 14, 2023

Rs 10,000 a month in SIP in HDFC Flexi Cap Fund is now worth Rs 15 crore, says HDFC AMC’s Navneet Munot

Munot, also chairman of AMFI, says funds have delivered around 18–19% CAGR in 25–30 years

The market breaching 70K is indeed a reason to rejoice, but prudent investment practices should not be ignored.
Updated : Dec 13, 2023

Sensex scales Mt 70K. Here is what investors should do

It is vital for investors to not get carried away and let the figures cloud their judgement

Gold and silver outlook 2024: Here’s what to expect from precious metals next year
Updated : Dec 12, 2023

Gold and silver outlook 2024: Here’s what to expect from precious metals next year

The yellow metal has rallied over 12 per cent so far in the current calendar year

The choice of a gold MF through SIPs offers distinct advantages.
Updated : Dec 12, 2023

Is it a good idea to invest in gold mutual funds?

Investing in gold MFs through SIPs offers distinct advantages; it helps navigate volatility in gold prices, and the flexibility of making partial or full withdrawals at any time ensures high liquidity

Madhabi Puri Buch also explained that, unlike other emerging market economies, the Indian markets were still resilient
Updated : Dec 10, 2023

Mutual fund SIPs for Rs 250 per month? Here's what Sebi chief Madhabi Buch says

Buch hailed mutual fund SIPs as a great tool for financial inclusion. "In the external marketplace, I think the most important piece that I would like to see happening is greater financial inclusion."

Radhika Gupta on why people are resistant to investing in SIPs
Updated : Dec 08, 2023

‘I am competing with Zomato, Swiggy!’: Edelweiss’ Radhika Gupta on why many resist investing in SIPs

Radhika Gupta said people are resistant to putting money in mutual funds but spend generously on food-delivery platforms like Zomato and Swiggy, or content streaming and OTT platforms like Netflix.

More importantly, Fixed Invest aims to process over Rs 100 crore worth of Bajaj Finance FDs on its platform in one year.
Updated : Dec 08, 2023

Bajaj Finance and start-up Fixed Invest tie-up for digital FDs

The partnership will make available Bajaj Finance fixed deposits on the fintech start-up’s platform that aims to process over Rs 100 crore worth of Bajaj Finance FDs in one year

The PPF scheme has tenure of 15 years, and premature closure can lead to penalties.
Updated : Dec 07, 2023

Public Provident Fund: Here’s how you can avoid penalties on your PPF account from a bank

Remember, making a minimum annual contribution of Rs 500 to your PPF account is mandatory

Equity MF schemes recorded investments worth Rs 35,270 crore in the period between August and September 2023-16:9
Updated : Dec 07, 2023

'Large cap 50%, midcap 20%, small cap 30%': Anand Rathi Wealth's Feroze Azeez shares investment plan for young investors

Mutual funds are one of the popular ways of investment at present. Anand Rathi Wealth's Deputy CEO Feroze Azeez shares his views on mutual fund investment in the times of a buyout market.

DSP Mutual Fund announced the launch of the first-ever ‘Quality-Focused’ Smallcap Fund DSP Nifty Smallcap250 Quality 50 Index Fund (DSP NSQ50IF), an open-ended scheme tracking Nifty Smallcap250 Quality 50 Index.
Updated : Dec 05, 2023

DSP Mutual Fund launches first-of-its-kind DSP Nifty Smallcap250 Quality 50 Index Fund. Here is what you should know

Small-caps have the potential to deliver outsize returns over the long term. But the space is relatively less studied

The fund aims to maintain a well-balanced portfolio with a minimum 65% exposure to small-cap stocks, complemented by a thoughtful allocation to large-cap stocks for tactical and liquidity purposes.
Updated : Dec 04, 2023

Motilal Oswal AMC launches active fund after a gap of 7 years. Check details of Motilal Oswal Small Cap Fund here

This open-ended equity scheme is designed to provide investors a unique opportunity to tap into the potential of the small-cap segment

The fund will follow a bottom-up approach with a multi-cap stock selection strategy.
Updated : Nov 29, 2023

Axis Mutual Fund launches its thematic manufacturing offering

The NFO opens on December 1 and closes on 15. It aims to enable investors to leverage the potential of India’s manufacturing theme

Non-withdrawable fixed deposits do not have any premature withdrawal facility.
Updated : Nov 28, 2023

HDFC Bank revises fixed deposit rates on these schemes. Check updated FD interest rates here

HDFC Bank is offering a maximum return of 7.45 per cent for tenures of one to two years, and 7.2 per cent on two years to ten years on non-withdrawable fixed deposits.

If you stop your SIP after two years and you do not cancel your SIP either by submitting physical request or request it online, the SIP gets automatically cancelled after the SIP is returned three times generally.
Updated : Nov 24, 2023

I am 29 and a new investor. I want to start monthly SIP for Rs 20,000. How should I go about it?

Though the tenure is long and do risk exposure can be higher, dividing investments across different categories is advisable

By diversifying your investments, you can enhance the resilience of your portfolio, thereby reducing the impact of market volatility on your wealth.
Updated : Nov 22, 2023

I’m 46 and can save Rs 30,000 a month. How many years will it take me to become a crorepati?

Focus on an equity-oriented portfolio strategy that maintains a well-rounded exposure across various market capitalisations

If we revisit our discussion about Nifty 50 and Sensex 30, we'll realize that these market-cap based indices exhibit momentum-like behavior
Updated : Nov 21, 2023

Every index investor is a quant investor and here’s why

Not every factor consistently performs well across all market cycles. Some do well during bull runs while others do well during market crashes

A disciplined investment approach, coupled with perseverance and patience, will pave your way to financial freedom.
Updated : Nov 21, 2023

How to reach savings target of Rs 1 to Rs 10 crore with 5% annual increase in SIP investment

While equities tend to give higher return over long term, it's important to consider market volatility

'If you want to invest in gold, buy SGBs, not jewellery,' advises CapitalMind's Deepak Shenoy
Updated : Nov 20, 2023

'If you want to invest in gold, buy SGB, not jewellery': Deepak Shenoy flags 'random making fee'

Shenoy said that, if asked, he would suggest anyone to buy Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB) 'if they are desperate for gold' or else they can invest in stock markets

Diversification entails the allocation of your investable funds across various market capitalisation segments and asset management companies (AMCs).
Updated : Nov 20, 2023

My HDFC Top100 mutual fund has been generating 14% returns over a decade. Should I stop SIP or keep investing?

To mitigate the risks arising from concentration and enhance overall resilience of the portfolio, a diversification strategy is recommended

FD vs PF vs SIP: Here is how your money multiplies over 3 to 30 years
Updated : Nov 17, 2023

FD vs PF vs SIP: Here is how your money multiplies over 3 to 30 years

Remember, that the annual returns required to multiply an original investment depends on the investment vehicle as well as the investor’s risk tolerance

You have already defined your retirement goal; however, do consider factors like your retirement lifestyle, inflation, and post-retirement expenses like healthcare
Updated : Nov 15, 2023

My spouse and I earn Rs 60 lakh annually. How should I plan my retirement with a sum of 5 crore after 5 years?

An emergency fund equivalent to at least 3-6 months of expenses is absolutely viral