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Irdai has proposed the concept of a premium threshold for each product.
Updated : Dec 14, 2023

You may not have to pay high surrender charges on your insurance policy from next year; here is what Irdai proposes

Regulator has sought public comments on the paper till January 3

vSome clubs offer group insurance discounts of up to 15-20% to members as the risk is lower within such communities.
Updated : Dec 11, 2023

Here’s how you can lower your bike insurance premium by avoiding minor claims

One of the best ways to reduce claims is to practice defensive riding

PhonePe’s users will benefit from ACKO’s insurance offerings, which promise competitive pricing and industry-leading claims and service experience.
Updated : Dec 07, 2023

PhonePe users can buy bike and car insurance policies from this insurer on its platform

The API stack will enable swift and efficient collaborations with online distributors, ensuring that ACKO’s personalised prices, innovative SKU and consistent experience, the firms say

Home contents insurance extends its coverage to various scenarios, encompassing risks like fire incidents, equipment malfunctions, and accidental damages as well.
Updated : Dec 06, 2023

Chennai floods: My house is flooded. Will my fridge, TV, jewellery and other equipment be covered under home insurance?

In India, home insurance commonly covers both structure and contents, offering comprehensive protection

Flood damage is typically covered under a comprehensive motor insurance plan.
Updated : Dec 05, 2023

Chennai floods: Check these things first to make motor insurance claims if your car gets swept away or damaged

All necessary documents can be submitted digitally to ensure a smooth process and that the claim is settled quickly

As home burglary rates rise, insurance becomes essential for safeguarding personal belongings.
Updated : Nov 30, 2023

Here are 5 benefits of home insurance that you simply must know about

Remember, that it is a crucial safeguard against potential damages to your property caused by calamities like earthquakes, floods, fire, and theft.

Jeevan Utsav features attractive premium payment terms, with policyholders having flexibility in choosing their preferred term from various available options.
Updated : Nov 29, 2023

LIC introduces new whole life insurance policy Jeevan Utsav; know its benefits, features and options available to get regular income

This insurance policy aims to deliver extensive life coverage and financial stability to the insured's family in an unforeseen event.

Gadget insurance, on the other hand, is taken to add an extra layer of protection to your new gadget.
Updated : Nov 24, 2023

Black Friday Deals 2023: Should you buy warranty or gadget insurance with your next big purchase?

To determine which is better depends on your specific needs. If you are someone who prioritises cost-saving and is confident in your ability to take care of your device, a warranty might be sufficient

Credit life insurance is often intertwined with loans or credit products, offering coverage specifically tied to the repayment of those debts.
Updated : Nov 24, 2023

Look before you leap: Should you opt for credit life insurance or a term plan?

Its primary function is to settle outstanding balances in the event of the insured individual’s death

The complex legal language can make policy wordings confusing. Investing time in understanding the terms of your policy with your insurance agent can prevent future misunderstandings.
Updated : Nov 23, 2023

Health insurance claim rejected? Here’s why that may have happened

According to Policybazaar, limited understanding of health policy and undisclosed pre-existing diseases accounted for 75% of claim rejections

Zuno General Insurance’s EV add-on covers have been designed to complement its standard private car policies
Updated : Nov 23, 2023

Insurance for electric vehicles: Zuno General Insurance floats electric vehicle add-on covers to protect batteries, accessories

Zuno General Insurance has also included the battery coverage add-on, which offers protection in case of consequential loss to the battery or parts of the battery.

You could also consider buying health insurance from India, if you would prefer to undergo major treatments, when required, in India.
Updated : Nov 21, 2023

I’m a 36-year-old UAE-based NRI. Where should I buy a family floater health insurance plan?

Most health insurance plans offered by Indian insurers cover treatment only in India. Expenses incurred abroad cannot be reimbursed with most Indian plans.

Focus on providing life insurance to the self-employed and low-salaried: Satishwar B. of Aegon Life
Updated : Nov 17, 2023

Focus on providing life insurance to the self-employed and low-salaried: Satishwar B. of Aegon Life

Satishwar B., MD & CEO of Aegon Life Insurance, talks to BT about sudden demand spikes in the life insurance industry and its future

RenewBuy CEO Balachander Sekhar
Updated : Nov 08, 2023

We are doing 70% of our insurance business beyond the 30th city: Balachander Sekhar of RenewBuy

RenewBuy CEO Balachander Sekhar talks to BT about insurtech, the changes in the insurance landscape and more

Air pollution is frequently the cause of ailments, including asthma, cancer, and even heart diseases.
Updated : Nov 08, 2023

Choking on pollution: Will your health insurance policy protect you when air quality turns severe?

According to a WHO report, environmental risks cause 12 per cent of the global disease burden, with air pollution ranking first

You should check the policy document and the terms and conditions carefully to see if your policy has such a feature.
Updated : Nov 06, 2023

I frequently travel abroad. Will my Indian retail health insurance policy provide coverage abroad?

Some policies may offer global medical coverage for certain countries or regions, such as the US, Canada, Asia-Pacific, or Europe

Insurance companies vary in their approach to procedures like heart surgery, and their policies may include co-pay provisions.
Updated : Nov 03, 2023

I’m 68 and plan to undergo heart surgery. My insurer will pay half of the hospital expense. What should I do?

Insurance companies vary in their approach to procedures like heart surgery, and their policies may include co-pay provisions

Insurers need to ensure policyholders understand the terms of their policy. The document is sometimes complicated with legal terms.
Updated : Oct 30, 2023

Irdai tells insurers to provide simplified policy information document starting January 1

Says since a policy document may be fraught with legalese, it is imperative to have a document that explains, in simple words, the basic features of the policy

The term insurance market in India has been seeing an upward trend with people beginning to understand the benefits and relevance of financial planning and security.
Updated : Oct 30, 2023

Term insurance gains popularity among HNIs

There has been a significant increase in the number of female HNI buyers, whose share in this segment went up from 12 per cent in FY22 to 17 per cent in FY23

Motor dealers typically work with a limited number of insurance providers, which means you might not have access to a wide range of insurance options.
Updated : Oct 27, 2023

The pitfalls of buying car insurance through auto dealers: Here’s what you need to know

This could end up limiting your choices, thereby not allowing you to shop around for the best insurance policy that suits your needs and budget.

If any elderly or low-income individual feels that they have been mis-sold, they must report to the insurance company, preferably within the 15-day free look period that starts when they receive their policy document.
Updated : Oct 26, 2023

How are vulnerable groups mis-sold life insurance policies?

The elderly and low-income individuals are more susceptible to these unethical practices