'Cousins ko choro, koi aur dhoondo': Pakistan's dating app Muzz sparks controversy with its billboard ad

Produced by: Tarun Mishra Designed by: Mohsin Shaikh

Muzz App's unconventional ad campaign

Pakistan's widely used dating app, Muzz, has launched a controversial ad campaign challenging societal norms, garnering attention and amusement in equal measure on social media.

Sarcastic tagline

The viral campaign features several billboard across Pakistan with a sarcastic tagline, "Cousins ko choro, koi aur dhoondo" (Leave cousins, find someone else).

Complexities of  cultural dynamics

Muzz's unconventional approach has sparked discussions on the complexities of cultural dynamics surrounding relationships in Pakistan, shedding light on societal expectations and pressures.

Cultural and religious  practices

The campaign highlights the longstanding tradition of cousin marriage in various parts of the world, including Pakistan and among Muslim communities, deeply rooted in cultural and religious practices.

Maintaining family ties and cultural heritage

Cousin weddings is viewed as a way to maintain family ties, preserve cultural heritage, and strengthen social bonds, providing context to the traditional practices questioned by Muzz's unconventional ad campaign.

Breaking traditional  barriers

Aimed at breaking traditional barriers, the campaign has gained momentum, resonating with users who are sharing images across various social media platforms.

User reactions reflect societal pressure

Several remarks by social media users reflect societal pressure individuals face in conforming to traditional dating norms, even if such norms may seem unconventional to others. One user wrote, "Even the Muzz app is tired of you people."

Impact on dating norms

Netizens also discussed the potential impact of the campaign on prevailing dating norms, with some joking about the consequences of the app's bold marketing strategy. One user wrote, ""If this starts working, half of Pakistani men will stay single forever."

Varied public reactions

Several users also recalled the moment when they first saw the billboard in real life. “I remember seeing this while driving and I burst out laughing so loud I scared my mother,” said a social media user.

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