The remarkable shift in India's economic trajectory, transitioning from a predominantly agrarian economy to becoming the world's fastest-growing economy, has been an extraordinary narrative in the global economic landscape. Presently, India, with a population exceeding 1.4 billion people and a GDP surpassing US$3 trillion, proudly stands as the world's fifth-largest economy. Looking ahead, India is poised to experience phenomenal growth, expecting to reach a US$26 trillion economy by its centenary year of Independence in 2047.

This resolute confidence in India's potential stems from several key factors, including robust consumption patterns, rapid digitalization, a substantial pool of young talent, a thriving services sector, global competitiveness, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability. Furthermore, the government's unwavering focus on infrastructure development and manufacturing further contributes to the nation's growth trajectory.

As we take stock of our achievements and reflect on the past, India's G20 presidency has presented a unique opportunity to demonstrate its long-term vision and plans for the next decade and beyond. It is an occasion to articulate a pathway toward a shared global future, characterized by collective prosperity.

Building on the incredible success of its inaugural edition, the 2nd BT India@100 Summit, a flagship initiative of The India Today Group, served as a pivotal platform, bringing together a diverse array of stakeholders, esteemed thought leaders, policymakers, and influential business figures. Through this summit, we deliberated on India's economy's growing significance and influence on the global stage. Together, we explored avenues for collaboration, exchange ideas, and foster dialogue to shape a future where India's economic prowess plays a vital role in the global arena.

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Pathways to India's global leadership discussed at star-studded event

BT’s day-long India@100 summit witnessed a galaxy of speakers comprising lawmakers and subject matter experts debate the country’s place in the world amid the ongoing realignments

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Rise of Smart Cities: Urbanization and Economic Transformation in India 2047

The total cost of these SCM projects comes to Rs 1,79,228.99 crore, while the initial total estimate was Rs 2.05 lakh crore, of which less than a half would be funded by the governments, and the balance to be mobilized from internal or external sources, and other central government schemes.

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